Wild Jack

This on is using Flavorah’s flavor of the month. Wild melon I’ve been using it a lot it acctually the first flavor I tested. It’s been my goto when I want somthing summerish


Wild Melon (Flavorah) 0.80%

Berry Blend (Flavorah) 0.54%

Jack Fruit (Flavorah) 0.40%

Tangerine  (Flavorah) 0.33%

Weight/Grams per 30mls

Wild Melon (Flavorah) 0.24 grams

Berry Blend (Flavorah) 0.16 grams

Jack fruit (Flavorah) 0.12 grams

Tangerine (Flavorah) 0.10 grams


This one just works out the wild melon and berry blend mellow each other out while the jack fruit helps smooth it and sweeten it up the tangerine perks it up.

To brighten it up a bit more mix 60mls and a single drop (0.02 grams) of Flavorah cucumber.

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